06 Jan 2019 00:54:47
For the 2nd time, I'm not wetting my panties about this transfer window just yet because there are still a few weeks to go however our early intentions do little to soothe an aching heart.

I hope our club have learned the lesson about leaving things until the last minute and appreciate the benefits of acting quickly on targets that have been identified a few months beforehand.

1.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 10:40:59
All we are linked with is a couple of short term loans, of players that will probably cut the loan deal short because they’re not getting a game.
Looking at it just now, we have a board only interested in big bonuses, and a manager (who’s not entirely blameless) throwing his toys out the pram.
We should be miles ahead of where we are now, and anyone who doesn’t think Defoe will make a difference, have to widen up. It’s a big month ahead for for Rodgers and Lawell.

2.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 11:19:30
The loan players will probably cut their loans short and Rodgers is throwing the toys out the pram 😂.

3.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 11:31:07
We really need to stop getting caught up in this Jermain Defoe thing. Over a career spanning 20 years, he’s averaged 10 goals a season. 4 in 30 I think it is for Bournemouth.

Imagine we were signing a 36 year old Premier League player, who’s played next to zero football all season and will no doubt be one of the highest paid players at the club.

Is that a signing you would be shouting about?

4.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 12:14:18
As oppose to signing guys like kouassi who had played 10 career games?

Odsonne who had been on loan once in his life

Or Boyata who at 24 had played like 35 career games just?

5.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 13:04:57
Cmon Gary we've been told to Widen up. Couldn't give a flying feck about Defoe he isn't a Celtic player. did we all go nuts when Aberdeen signed Wilson. As long as we strengthen and come out stronger that's good enough for me. The last couple of windows we did not. If we do this then it will be enough. If we don't will still win league just be closer than it needs to be. I'm just going to enjoy the ride and watching sevvies getting their hopes up only to be squished. I can't wait and will enjoy it even more when it does happen. Hail hail.

6.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 13:24:04
Tesla young players with talent and a future or a 36 year old on high wages and nearing retirement?

7.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 13:24:44
If Defoe had anything left of note, he would of been snapped up by another english club. Sevco would not of got a look in. Only reason he is away to them is i suspect they were only offer on table.

Our defence has battled against far better strikers in europe this season, Defoe will be a walk in the park compared to likes of Daffour of RB Salzburg etc.

8.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 14:53:55
Pedrobhoy my point is about their current ability

An older experienced player who has played at high levels is every bit as good as most young guys playing their earliest professional games.

Neither are great. We develop players but we don't actually get to see the max potential on our parks.

So their potential means little to me, unless we sold big and then replaced with better players

But we sell for 20 mil and buy a 2 mil player. It's playing it far too safe and lacks ambition.

9.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 16:07:09
Are they telsa? You mean experienced guys like
Ian wright
Freddie Ljungberg
Carlton Cole
Roy Keane
Colin Kazim-Richards
Joey Barton
Phil senderos?
They experienced guys?

10.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 16:07:03
Every club tries to buy or loan what suits their coaching set-up . It would seem strange if Celtic didn't use Brendan Rodgers widely acclaimed ability to coach and develop young talent .
Despite some people's unnecessary negative view Celtic can look to 7 successive domestic trophies as an indicator of success .
In desperate Govan Rangers2012 appointed a rookie manager who has signed almost 20 players some twice as old as others he signed .
I can only think that he signed these elderly statesmen to have support at the discos for his choice of music.

11.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 16:44:40

Amido Balde
Andre Blackman
Rabiu Ibrahim
Koki mizuno
Du Wei

We have far far more failures from signing rubbish In comparison.

What about Davie Weir, Kenny miller's, Robbie Keane, lubo moravcik etc

Fact is we need experience. We can't just keep signing guys who have barely been professional footballers.

It's not good enough for a club of our level.

It's not even about rangers signings. Who even cares about rangers in 2019? They are not the standard.

12.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 17:19:26
Pukki was 24 and had dozens of caps when we signed him.
He was a double league winner in Iceland and had just spent 2 year playing in Germany.

Killen was around 25 26 when we signed him. Also an international.

Kenny Miller was also around 26 maybe 27.

So you just proved point of experience and age can't guarantee success.

13.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 17:20:42
Rabiu Ibrahim, oh God I forgot about him! Mind that Braafheid boy too- ooft. Carlton Cole was like signing MBappe compared to them.

14.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 17:29:46
Kev I'm talking about Kenny miller's now at the age of 87 still scoring in the SPL

Don't also pretend you had the slightest clue who pukki was.

It's not just an age thing. Guys are 27 and played at poor levels their whole career.

Point is when you sign projects they are NOT at their potential. So we get lesser players.

Odsonne is a good player for his age but will have lots of poor weeks as he is very much learning the game.

We can't do this for every single signing.

We can't continue to throw European qualification away losing 40 mil a time.

We can and should be operating on a higher level of quality.

15.) 06 Jan 2019
06 Jan 2019 21:04:23
Pukki is tearing up the Championship.

Always felt there was a player in him.

{Ed007's Note - 😲😲😲😲

16.) 07 Jan 2019
07 Jan 2019 18:03:46
Did that Braafheid no come on and get subbed on his debut lol? Don't think he barely kicked a ball after that either.

17.) 07 Jan 2019
07 Jan 2019 23:41:46
Tesla, do you just come on here and say controversial things to advertise a certain car manufacturer?