11 Aug 2018 18:15:35
Well looks like boyatas agent causing bother. If it's true punt him.

1.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 19:18:58
Loads of people abuse McGinn for moving to England in a situation we messed him about too long.

Boyata has been here, is an absolute donkey and yet has the cheek to expect bids accepted down south etc

Lets see if the green tinted spec mob give him the abuse he deserves for being a passenger and acting like he's Maldini.

2.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 20:18:52
I'd be happy to sell most out defenders. Apart from Ajer, Tierney. None are good enough.

3.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 20:42:32
You got inside knowledge Kev?

4.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 22:45:19
McGinn would, in my opinion, have been a Superstar for Celtic. Some say that he wouldn't have got a game but I doubt that somehow. He is a player in the mould of Paul McStay and I firmly believe that the board will regret missing out on him. The lad wanted to come to us. He made no secret about what he wanted but again our penny pinching board thought they were being clever and were playing on the idea that he would turn down any alternative offer. This should be a harsh lesson learned and shame on our club for allowing it to happen. HH.

5.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 23:27:13
Naw DesH the gaffer was going on about it today and the agent running his mouth to the press saying he will sign a pre contract else where in January.

Tesla I am one of the ones not bothered by Mcginn not signing though I don't harbour him any ill will for making his choice.

If ANY player doesn't want to be at parkhead and he or his entourage start affecting the mood around the place he should be punted at the first opportunity.

Seem boyata has now started liking Seville Twitter page after they've shown interest in him.

6.) 12 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 23:59:02
Sell him ASAP for 10 million if we get it. He’s had a good 6 months but before that he was a bomb scare every time he was on the pitch. You would think he owes the club, manager after they stuck by him as for two seasons before he’s hardly pulled up trees. Plus you can’t have players moping around causing trouble . Sell him and move on.

7.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 07:04:41
Have to agree with those who are saying well boyata. It was heart in the mouth stuff most of last season when he had the ball. All of a sudden he plays a few matches the world cup and he thinks he a superstar. Well if the guy wants out then Celtic should sell asap and not let him go for free as it's clear he won't sign. And there is no way he is injuries as said. Let's take the money and run and get a new CB who wants to play for celtic.

8.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 07:13:28
Boyata is a rat celtic and us fans stood by him when he was making mistakes on a weekly basis he has a few good months and now he thinks he is a superstar get rid ASAP. See if sevilla qualify for anything with that donkey in there team. He is a rat.

9.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 08:11:27
With the £9 million we got offers for him and stupidly knocked back, no one will convince me otherwise with that kind of money we couldn’t have got a better centre half in? In fact I don’t believe we’d have had to spend anywhere near half that £9 million to replace boyata.

10.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 11:05:05
Yip he can gtf if reports are true. Make him train with kids. I will happily drive him to wherever he wants to go. In boot of my car.

11.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 11:10:37
Keep him and let him rot for a season. he's no better than what we have in our other 3, even Bitton. See how good he is in a year after that and where is career is then.

12.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 12:57:22
My first instinct on reading about the strife he is causing this morning was knock him back to the u-19s for the year. Petulance aside, I'd punt him. Don't need that attitude anywhere in our ranks. He's a mediocre centre half and 10-15 Million ought to get us what we need: a Stubbs / Eliott type as another poster said, and allow Ajer, hendry, and possibly Sumo to develop with a seasoned operator.

13.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 13:16:39
Mcginn a Paul mcstay 😂😂😂😂
You get some real nonsense on this site sometimes Ed007.

Cava if Elliot or Stubbs was playing football today they would both be well above the 10 million bracket.

Elliot was the best CB I've ever seen at Celtic and I include van djyk in that.

14.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 13:19:50
Totally agree with bobcat, he would easily push Scott brown out if the team. Before I'm slated, I think Brown is a really good SPL player. But when he isn't fouling players, what does he actually bring? People say he keeps the ball moving which is fine but anyone can do that when every single pass is sideways. Genuinely think Ncham is 10 times the player. Box to box and think mcginn would have been similar.

15.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 14:15:16
Don't disagree Kev, he was immense.

16.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 16:07:02
What about McNeil and Aitken.

17.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 17:49:18
Never seen mcniell play and big aitken was just about done at Celtic by time I remember him.

18.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 19:05:14
Well Kev they are probably the 2 best defenders of longevity we have ever had along with Danny McGrain.

19.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 21:23:37
Danny is one of my dad's favourite players but again before my time.

20.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 21:33:25
I'd still say he's better than Simunovic. He's become a bit of a liability too. All elbows forearms and kicks now and his passing and decision making has become a little erratic too. Bayern Munich springs to mind. Maybe he needs an experienced partner at the back or he's just not cut out to be at Celtic?

21.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 23:26:50
Kev83, good call with Elliot, great player but apart from McNeil the best centre back at Celtic Park that I have seen was Marc Rieper. Its just a pity injury robbed us of him!