29 Jul 2018 12:16:30
So transfer rumours this week:

McGinn - Still ongoing, think this one will be sealed once hibs European escapade is over? If they do gain group stages they will be inclined to keep him? Beneficial to both party's in this case. McGinn gaining guaranteed European football and further developing. At this point we can sign him for nothing. Other option will be we sign him outright this summer.

Arzani - Blatant talent, youngest player at the World Cup, and really does look the part (source being YouTube videos) . If the rumours are true and we are trying to bypass the 2 year Loan and sign him permanently then that is great. But u have came to terms with the fact that a two year lon is beneficial to us.

Liam Moore - Is this even an option at the 8 million quoted? Is he really a Rodgers target or is it paper talk? Who knows. I've never seen him play but would welcome comments if anyone has a clue about him?

Joher Rassoul - 6ft 2, 22 year old, Senegalese CB/ CDM. Similar in the way of a Wanyama type player. Definetley looks a prospect. The name has been flagged a few times in regards to celtic and he does fit our standard signing policy. Confident on the ball and seems to slow play down a bit. Converted CDMs to CBs always seem to fit Rodgers plans due to there ability of moving the ball forward.

All rumours, so don't two foot tackle me into next week.

1.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 15:14:10
Liam moore - its reported they knocked back an offer that would be totalling 10m earlier in the window. They might shift on it now with his transfer request going in. I can't see us making that sort of investment. He was their potty and the manager rates him.

It won't happen unless sim or db are away. Anyone seen much of him or is this a case of championship fever? A young top rated english cb with only a 8m price tag? That sets off alarm bells for me im afraid with the money getting punted down there. Im not saying he wouldn't be a great addition. Im sure Southampton would give us 15m next year if he was playing well 😉.

2.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 15:21:55
McGinn will be a pre contract

Only Derby and Birmingham where interested and now they don’t want him - lower level championship teams

If we go back in get it back to the initial bid and no more.

3.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 15:48:36
That might tell it’s own story why hardly any clubs are after Mcginn, I’d def be holding out to save a fee.

4.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 21:40:46
Joher Rassoul is an absolute unit. The exact mould of what we could be doing with - as long as he can actually defend of course.

5.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 21:56:38
Rassouls going to get ye.

6.) 29 Jul 2018
29 Jul 2018 23:02:37
Been watching arzani videos on YouTube myself and the lad looks a genuine talent, speed, trickery, confident, would be perfect to challenge Forrest.

7.) 30 Jul 2018
30 Jul 2018 11:47:06

8.) 30 Jul 2018
30 Jul 2018 13:40:38
I hope he does go to Celtic but I'm glad for once hibs are holding on to a prize asset and I would rather lose him for free than lose him on the cheap, I don't think that's the end to bids from Celtic I've heard that the deal will be £2m + the 33% to st midden and a £1m after his 1st year which personally I would take good luck for 8 in a row guys and keep pumping these newco.

9.) 30 Jul 2018
30 Jul 2018 17:25:24
Hail Hail Hibsboy.