10 Nov 2016 15:16:07
I know it's early days but has anybody heard of any potential movement in January besides James McCarthy? The club played their cards very close to their chest in the summer so we may not hear much until deals are nearly pushed through.

{Ed007's Note - McCarthy is Rodgers No.1 target for January and as I said the other week Celtic are one of the clubs who have contacted Everton about signing him.}

1.) 10 Nov 2016
10 Nov 2016 15:59:11
Hope it's true ed think him and broony would make a great pairing, but will come down to money as per or maybe a season loan.

{Ed007's Note - I can't see Everton agreeing to a loan, they want him sold. The main problem I foresee is how much Everton want for him but the player could well dig his heels in and demand a move to Celtic by letting Everton know they can either sell him to us or have an unhappy player who is surplus to requirements but contracted to them until 2020.
I'm quietly confident that McCarthy will be a Celtic player by the time next season's CL qualifiers kick off.}

2.) 10 Nov 2016
10 Nov 2016 16:03:22
Do you think we'll be busy Ed? I know people like the idea of a settled team for qualifiers but January is notoriously difficult to find good players or good prices. I don't see us buying for the sake of it and McCarthy on his own would be a major coup.

{Ed007's Note - I think we'll be busy trying to get players moved on more than on incoming signings, Kev.}

3.) 10 Nov 2016
10 Nov 2016 16:03:45
Kevbhoy u are right, we don't give much information about possible signings until the deal is near done and I for one like that, as it stops many different cases of disappointment .

I am far from sure about Mc Carthy, on the basis of his international form he is not the type of midfielder I would want and I don't think he would fit into the midfield engine that B R wants . He isn't mobile enough, he wins the ball and plays a short pass but doesn't make himself available . I think people are judging him on the potential he showed at Hamilton .
I hope I am wrong, I always like to see a Celtic player playing for ROI.

4.) 10 Nov 2016
10 Nov 2016 16:05:57
Any idea of the terms Ed? Loan, buy, loan to buy? Wait and see?

{Ed007's Note - Everton don't want a loan deal but anything can happen.}

5.) 10 Nov 2016
10 Nov 2016 16:53:47

Going back to the player digging his heels in. I like to think he'd want to come. In the most respectful way I don't think there's anything left for him in England. Come home, enjoy your prime, become a hero and be part of 10 in a row. Or stay at Everton or a club of a similar ilk and go through the motions.

{Ed007's Note - It's a no-brainer for me, JT.}

6.) 10 Nov 2016
10 Nov 2016 18:39:07
Spot on Jim Tim. That prospect could be a tantalising lure for other targets normally out of our reach.

7.) 10 Nov 2016
10 Nov 2016 19:41:30
Hope it's permanent deal if any ed, disagree with OB I think he is mobile and is a good passer also reads game well and decent in the tackle would do for me.

8.) 10 Nov 2016
10 Nov 2016 19:44:11
I think he would be a great signing. We need a DM, he fits the bill and wants to sign. I can't understand the criticism. Hope you are recovering well old bhoy but what exactly do you want a good dm to do? Against good opposition I'd be quite happy for him to win tackles and keep possession. For the last few years he has played against some great players and has done well in lower teams if you will call them that. I'd still take him if the years were rolled back and he was putting in similar preformances at that age in the spl. Difference is he moved and for a long time was a first 11 player in the epl. It's a no brainer for me if he wants to play here for a deal of say 5m with addons. We have wasted that again and again. Brown limped off with a dead leg the other day (I thought it was worse and I think it is) and I $hat a brick because we still don't have direct cover.

9.) 11 Nov 2016
11 Nov 2016 09:17:00
It must certainly be an attractive prospect to a Celtic fan Rab (yes)

10.) 11 Nov 2016
11 Nov 2016 17:33:41
Mallythetally . Have u watched him playing for the ROI over his last half dozen games or so . Do you think he has played well. ?
If so I think you are setting the bar very low and although I want him at Celtic B R will have to do a lot of work with him .

11.) 12 Nov 2016
12 Nov 2016 07:51:36
If you think his signing would be setting the bar too low, as indeed I do. Why want BR to sign him at all? The money it would take simply because of the over rated over priced league he is in suggest to me a better, younger player could be found.

I have always thought McCarthy a good player but never a great one.

12.) 12 Nov 2016
12 Nov 2016 22:32:00
Magicpole This forum is on the road to hell, we are in total agreenent.

13.) 13 Nov 2016
13 Nov 2016 10:55:07
The world shifted on it's axis Old Bhoy. :)

14.) 13 Nov 2016
13 Nov 2016 19:26:35
Magicpole, we won't sign McCarthy, he is a red herring
Yesterday ROI beat Austria and with for the most part a new midfield pairing of Myler and Arher . A fit McCarthy wouldn't get on ROI team now .

15.) 14 Nov 2016
14 Nov 2016 09:59:12
I'm just not convinced he would take us to a level that the money to secure him should do. But, we will need to stop agreeing, people will start talking. :)