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13 Jan 2014 16:14:10
Ed do you have any idea what player our scouts Were watching in Portugal?


{Ed007's Note - I do not mate, sorry. Even by process of elimination I can't think of who out of Benfica and Porto would be feasible. Was it maybe not something to do with Eusebio's death that we had representatives at the match?}


Hit the nail on the head, Ed.


If it was to do with having a representitive to mark eusebios death surely would have been someone a bit better known than a scout?


{Ed007's Note - The scout part is only being assumed by people who seen a list of teams' who had representatives at the game. I've never known a list of scouts attending a match to be prepared, let alone published, in my life before. Clubs don't generally don't advertise what games their scouts attend for obvious reasons. Have a look here and then tell me how people know who was there and their reason for being there?

13 Jan 2014 19:06:06
Cheers ed I did think it would maybe have something to.with the memorial, always a chance they might have been killing two birds an all that, any word on genuine deals that might happen an happen soon ish


{Ed007's Note - Apart from Strefen Johansen due in Glasgow for talks I've got nothing new, sorry.}

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