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23 May 2017 08:37:46
Just posted a pic which was sent by my mate. It shows a newspaper article detailing the TV and Place income that clubs in the EPL receive.
Chelsea get £38+m for finishing top and an additional £30+m from TV.
Sunderland who won just 6 games get almost £2m for finishing last and £13+m from TV.
Disgusting as this is (and there is more money from various other sources pumped in to EPL) it did make me think about the TV deal we have here.
We have Celtic TV and sevco have their own version.
How much of an effect do these channels have on the negotiating power of the SPL when it comes to a TV deal? Do we make more from Celtic TV than we could get from an SPL exclusive deal with a TV company?
I realise we will not get anywhere near the amount the EPL gets for various reasons (quality being, imo, one of the least factors) but could we do better as a combined exclusive deal than we do now?
Just a thought.

{Ed001's Note - it is £1.9m a place prize money, roughly.}

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23 May 2017 13:42:12
In the UK, we must be getting more viewers than some EPL clubs. It's the two EPL clubs combined though, in a particular match that is what we're competing against. Plus, I've always assumed it was the International viewing figures that pumped the EPL prices up and that SKY just sold the rights to foreign broadcasters? Still feels like as a club, we're getting a sore deal though.

23 May 2017 06:36:29
Thoughts and prayers are with the people of Manchester today especially the familes of all involved. Peoples lives taken away from them by horrible twisted cowards who have no respect for human life. RIP.

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23 May 2017 07:09:10
It's unthinkable mate for someone to go to a concert and not come home where does this all end. Heartbreaking stuff prayers and thoughts with all involved.

23 May 2017 13:00:04
I posted something similar on another site, who in their right mind would target kids mostly young girls going to a pop oncert. Sickos the lot of them.
My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families.

23 May 2017 13:18:20
Tragic absolutely tragic where do we go from here?

23 May 2017 13:33:15
probably when the uk stops bombing innocent muslim countries.

23 May 2017 19:02:06
Spot on JB67 and when the world learns to redistribute it's wealth more fairly. I wondered this morning if Mr Blair thought about his weapons of mass destruction that weren't found in Iraq. My prayers are with the people of Manchester too but 1000s of innocent Muslims are murdered daily and it doesn't make the front page.

23 May 2017 19:12:06
My thoughts and prayers are with the innocent victims in this tragedy.
I'm not sure that these atrocities have anything to do with bombing Muslim countries, this Islamic state seem to commit murder and savagery as much in Muslim countries as they do in the West.
They just seem to enjoy violence, how can you reason with that?

23 May 2017
New image uploaded to the
Celtic Player Sightings page entitled, skeletor

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22 May 2017 20:51:33
alright ed wee question not very clued up on this but I have just read that a London based investment firm who have shares in the likes of juventus and the WWE have upped there shares in Celtic, what does this actually mean? Does this provide more funds towards the club or just the shareholder who sold the shares? Cheers.

{Ed007's Note - Jamie's your man for this stuff but I don't see the club gaining any investment through it but whoever sold their shares will be getting a wedge.
Lindsell Train have been buying shares since 2011 and they see the Club as a good strong long term investment for their investors. They don't seem to take a hands on approach to any of their investments so we'll probably not hear much about them again - unless they get Wrestlemania at Celtic Park!!}

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22 May 2017 21:11:30
No bother ed cheers, just something I read and never really had much information on, it's good that we are seen as a strong long term investment though, the futures bright its green and white.

{Ed007's Note - Definitely.}

22 May 2017 23:29:54
If anything it shows that someone with an objective view of the club thinks we are moving forward and that our value will most likely keep rising. Juventus are one of the top six clubs in Europe right now so they clearly know where to put their money.

22 May 2017 22:46:18
Wrestlemania Glasgow has a nice ring to it ha ha.

23 May 2017 02:04:40
thats just the wummin' lol.

23 May 2017 12:54:10
Hi Wee,

At the time that Company started buying Celtic shares were circa 38p a share by the time NL took us to CL football they were worth circa 70p

Under RD tenure they stayed "steady-ish"

Today, if you were buying ONE share in our great club it would cost you exactly £1 (Some Scottish football clubs go for that btw)

So that company will already have done very well out of us and factoring in all things like people in charge of the club, forward moves, possible CL football, BR's new deal the overview will be that we are a "safe bet" mate (y)

{Ed007's Note - So if you 1 million bought shares in 2011 for £380,000 they're now worth £1 million? Surely that's seen in business circles as a great performance for shares in a Scottish club, Jamie?}

23 May 2017 13:27:45
Without a doubt Ed, That's not even factoring in Dembele and KT's transfer "value's" which our manager fully accepts there comes a point " that it's beneficial to naturally part ways" but don't think KT's will be any time soon. But that these things "swell the coffers of a balance sheet"

A just think he is worth more than Lee Wallace pmsl (see sevco posts) (Y)

Factor in future HOTEL revenue etc it shapes up very well indeed (y)

{Ed007's Note - We really are starting to act like a big club. I've been saying for years we had the potential to do this if the board would just have taken a few risks over the years. We've listened to everyone talking down our game and people started believing it and were happy to take the scraps from the TV companies, sponsors or even the CL. Since I started doing this 6/7 years ago I've consistently said our minimum aim in the CL should be 3 spot and a run in the EL and with a bit of luck in the draw we should get a few Last 16 games as well. Maybe not next year - I'd love Last 16 - but maybe the year after I wouldn't mind us dropping down to the EL to see how far we could go in it.
We're leaving the rest of Scotland in our wake and have bigger fish to fry now, the gap between us and the rest of the Scottish teams is far greater, and built on far more solid foundations, than it ever was when Rangers dominated. We're banking serious money and investing it on improving the Club throughout whereas any big paydays they had went to servicing the debt cycle they were on.}

23 May 2017 15:15:30
I totally agree in terms of the last 16 being our "upper - ceiling " Ed. It was really annoying for many we deviated away from the model we had

If we could achieve that with say at least four from within our own development squad that would be our greatest retention but again you are never ever going to stop someone from earning more elsewhere for ever

This hotel aspect should have been implemented years ago IMO (y)

{Ed007's Note - Lennon stayed on a year too long and then Lawwell took us down the cheap road.}

22 May 2017 18:59:05
Big sutton having a dig at sly for there coverage of the trophy presentation which was embarrassing soon as trophy was lifted programme finished to go to a meaningless epl game glad a cancelled my contract few months ago.

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23 May 2017 07:58:43
i really hope bt go for the exclusive rights to our league, the coverage on sky has been shocking for yrs now, so glad i cancelled, even the emails and discounts they offer won't intice me, i save a few quid and i don't need to listen to david tanner, winner winner chicken dinner.

23 May 2017 08:06:34
Also lads, why not do what i do, i have the bt package, you can use on 2 platforms, i give my mate one and he gives me a sky go account that u use on xbox or pc, if there's people on here with bt and no sky and vice versa, get some swapping done and save some dosh.

23 May 2017 15:34:49
I thought BT won the rights for 30 SPL games? But not sure when that starts?

22 May 2017 18:03:34
Ed: just as a matter of interest, where are we " the Celtic page " in the grand scheme of Football rumours overall site, it looks as if we are one of the busiest pages going. ?


{Ed007's Note - No chance. The Liverpool and Man Utd sites are the busiest overall The TRIFC page is busier with all their multiple accounts and the Tims posting on it. No wonder they call us obsessed.}

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22 May 2017 22:51:12
our page has the best sense of humour though, it reminds me of the characters i met through travelling the country on supporters buses and frequenting the old jungle and the cameraderie you used to get with other fans no matter where they came from you felt part of the one cause.

22 May 2017 12:48:41
Amazed wee mcgregor hasn't made Scotland squad but no harm to mcginn but surely callum being a league winner playing for the champs in the top league and on current form deserved a place.

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22 May 2017 13:37:51
Another inexplicable decision by Strachan. I wonder if he actually wants the job sometimes and is just too proud to resign.

22 May 2017 14:00:32
Kenny mclean ahead of mcgregor totally baffling the bhoy is scoring goals plays CL football and is playing out his skin.

{Ed007's Note - Over the past 6 weeks or so I'd say McGregor has been the form player in our midfield probably even more than Armstrong who I think has looked a bit jaded after a long season.
In saying that I couldn't give a toss about Scotland and at least there's no chance of McGregor getting injured. The only hope I have from any international football is that our players don't get injured.}

22 May 2017 16:39:09
I would be happier if no Celtic players were involved with Scotland. This match against England is not being played for a fortnight after the Cup final, with the Champions league qualifiers starting not long afterwards, it's not giving our players much of a rest.
I don't know who arranges these fixtures, but it seems a stupid time to play it, if nothing else a lot of the players won't have played a match for 3 weeks.

22 May 2017 17:07:39
Totally agree ed couldn't care less but from callums career just think he'd have appreciated a cap maybe wee stach thought there was enough celts in squad and I'd have put him in before forrest.

{Ed007's Note - I had to nip up to chemist earlier and the taxi driver said McGregor is getting married this summer. I don't know if that's true or not but that might explain it.}

22 May 2017 17:38:20
No Sevconians included in the squad. That surprised me as it's not normal for the SFA to not include them even as a token gesture.
Got to agree though, get the Internationals to feck, they are boring and inconvenient.

22 May 2017 18:03:36
Bit surprised as McGregor is ahead of Bannan and McGinn imo. Also surprised to see Burke and Ritchie ommited from the squad but there is space for 4 goalkeepers!?

22 May 2017 19:05:37
Ed what kind of rest will our players get this summer mate?

{Ed007's Note - I don't know for certain but I'd guess players will be reporting back from around the 3rd week in June as the first CL qualifier is due played on 12/13 July and Rodgers will probably want a couple of friendlies played before them.}

22 May 2017 19:10:11
maybe we need 4 keepers cos strachan is planning on playing 2 to give Scotland a better chance.

22 May 2017 19:26:28
Couldn't give a toss about Scotland either tbh but Strachan strikes me that if messi had a Scottish granny and was eligible to play and there was demand he'd go against it never liked the arrogant wee rubbish hopefully a clean bill of health after the internationals.

22 May 2017 22:37:40
Has Forrest and Ryan Frazier aswell, almost a carbon copy of each other. Can't believe McGregor was left out for mcginn.

22 May 2017 12:22:51
Guys I'm not often on public transport but on a train again today and I wouldn't be surprised if the Govanites have stopped using them. As I said a while back hearing 'please mind the gap when alighting from this train' at every stop must be doing their heads in! 😂 🍀 🇮🇪.

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22 May 2017 09:58:49
Nice touch by the cousins of satan to give us a gaurd of honour yesterday wonder if the sons of satan would have done likewise.

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22 May 2017 12:27:11
Mally would you walk between 11 Huns wae a Celtic top on? Plus they're too busy guarding Derry's Walls to bother with guards of honour! 😂 ☘️.

22 May 2017 12:46:25
Haha jfp never thought oh that.

22 May 2017 09:14:34
Campsie Bhoy,

Sorry meant to reply yesterday regarding your post. I am currently involved with a club and we have a fund set up where each member pays into a trust every month with minimum payment being £5. We meet once or twice a year to discuss how much money we have and what projects we can do to improve the ground. It is very successful and very surprising how much money can be raised within a year or 2 even with as little as 50 people. It's very difficult to get grants/ funding these days so maybe this is something you can look to do with your members. Seeing how successful this can be i really can't even imagine how much a Celtic fans trust would raise each year. we would have a new south stand in place for 10 in a row :-) Good luck with trying to get the new pitch get your petition up so we can all sign it. HH.

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22 May 2017 20:03:29
Stan thanks for that info mate we are finding it hard as well to get grants it's classed as a deprived area and the club has a quality Mark which we were told would enable us to access funding but it's proving difficult with the ridiculous laws we have in Scotland regarding funding and Astro facilities! Thanks Ed for allowing.

{Ed007's Note - Is this the East Dunbartonshire Council thing at Lennoxtown? A political lunatic of a woman I know sent me something about it a while back. I think I've signed it but here's the link for everyone else....


23 May 2017 05:12:43
That's the 1 Ed Celtic have big changes they want to make and have bought a couple of houses round about apparently to stop any planning objections they have been good enough to let the teams all train there on a Wednesday for the last 7 years rent free even though this year there was supposed to be a charge. However instead of the clubs saving this money and putting it into a trust they have spent it elsewhere and now panicking as Celtic might not have them back due to recur a and needing it for there own use. And I'm quite sure the Nut that sent you that link is exactly that deranged lady.

{Ed007's Note - Good luck with it, a very worthy cause.}


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